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Top 7 Apps to Help You Care for Your Plants

Do you struggle to keep your plants thriving? Unfortunately, not everyone is a natural green thumb, but luckily, there’s an app for that. From apps that help you identify species to apps that track your watering schedule (and much, much more!), we’ve rounded up the top 7 apps that make caring for your plants easier. Keep reading to find out which app is the best for your needs.


As your plant family grows, so do your responsibilities. Planta is here to help you keep track of everything. This app is perfect for plant enthusiasts who need a little help staying on top of all their plant parent responsibilities. Plus, it comes with many useful features that are completely free, including advice on the best watering method for each plant (spoiler alert: if you’re watering all your plants over the soil then you’re doing it wrong.)

This app also takes into account the weather to help you determine your garden’s care needs. Additionally, it gives you the option to receive push notifications to remind you when it’s time to water your plants again. Happy Plant is another great option if you looking for an app to help create and stick to a watering schedule.


Different plants have unique needs when it comes to lighting. Some require full sun (6+hrs of sunlight per day), while others require partial sun or full shade. But how do you know how much light your plants are actually getting? That’s where Florish comes in.

This free app gives you all the basics of plant care, but what really sets it apart is its light meter. This feature uses your phone camera to determine light intensity in different locations of your home so you can find the best spot for your plants.

You can also use apps like Sun Surveyor to estimate how much sun your plants are getting by tracking the sun’s movement in relation to your plant’s location.


Have you ever come across a plant that you wanted to know the name of? This free mobile app helps you effortlessly identify over 600,000 plant species including flowers, palm trees, cacti, and more. Simply take a picture of the plant you want to identify and the app will tell you the name of the plant, along with helpful gardening tips.


Caring for a sick plant isn’t always straightforward. Are you overwatering it or not giving it enough H2O? Is it getting enough sun or wilting from too much exposure? Like other apps, PictureThis has a free camera-enabled plant identifier, however, its premium upgrades allow you to diagnose your sick plants and tells your exactly how to treat them.

5.My Garden

Looking to connect with other greenery lovers? My Garden is the best app for plant inspiration and social networking. Not only can you plant your dream garden based on where you live, but you can also follow other gardeners and exchange knowledge about growing. Best of all, this app lets you show off your plant babies and find inspiration for your next gardening project.


One of the best parts of gardening is seeing the results of all your hard work. ThePlantMe is a free app (with paid premium features) that helps you track your plant’s progress. This app comes with basic plant care info and the option to set up watering schedules, plus it also lets you track your plant’s history.

Upload before and after photos of your plants to keep track of their progress or to figure out if you need to tweak your gardening regime. This feature is especially helpful for fruit tree owners who want to track the ripening progress.

7.Landscaper’s Companion

Are you an aspiring botanist, but have no idea where to start? Enter: Landscaper’s Companion. This app is the most comprehensive plant guide with information on over 26,000 trees, shrubs, and assorted plants. It also includes useful info about USDA zones, bloom times, water usage, and the growth rate of each plant so that you can plan your garden accordingly.

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