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What to do in March?

Temperatures are finally warming up here in Green Cove Springs, and it appears it's staying that way! Spring will soon be in full bloom – and now is your time to get a head start on building and maintaining your perfect garden.

1. Fertilize

Give your plant friends a boost of nutrients to promote full bushy growth. Those that got damaged over the winter will especially benefit from this. Remember, more is not always better when it comes to fertilizer – too much can have the opposite effect that you're going for! Look up your specific plant to learn about which type of fertilizer you should use.

2. Prune

You can finally safely cut back all your damaged materials. Not sure if your plants made it? Try scratching the bark lightly with your fingernail… if the inside is still green, it should come back. If you scratch at the bark only to reveal a dry brown color, it may be time to replace. Wait to cut back azaleas until they are finished blooming.

3. Plant

Right now is the perfect time to plant. It’s the perfect temperature for plants to get established before the heat of the summer. All the rain will help you save on water.

4. Mulch

By adding a layer of mulch to your beds, you’ll help keep weeds at bay, aid in moisture retention, and have your yard looking neat and complete!

At Another Bloomin' Nursery, we carry a wide variety of plants, flowers, trees and mulch. Everything is available to come by and pickup but we also also delivery to residential and commercial within the Green Cove Springs limit.

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